Cooperation agreements

International scope at the heart of ISAE-SUPAERO development.


ISAE-SUPAERO’s clearly stated priority is to develop internationally on the basis of four objectives:

  • increasing student exchanges with the best universities in other countries,
  • promoting exchanges of faculty staff with those same universities,
  • opening up degree courses given in English,
  • boosting the number of non-French students at the ISAE-SUPAERO.

Types of agreements

Two types of co-operation agreement exist:

  • those managed by the European Community – SOCRATES (ERASMUS) and TIME,
  • and those negotiated, outside Europe, with a specific university.

ISAE-SUPAERO students have possibilities for exchanges with 80 universities in 25 countries from among the best universities in the world.

These possibilities of exchanges are an undeniable source of personal empowerment and provide extremely useful experience for the future graduate led to work in a multicultural context or simply abroad.