The PEGASUS (Partnership of a European Group of Aeronautics and Space Universities) is a network made up of the best European Universities and "Grandes Écoles" that dispense teaching in the aerospace field.

The network

The network was created in 1998 under impetus from the members of GEA (ENAC, ENSMA and ISAE [ENSICA and SUPAERO]) and now counts twenty members representing nine countries in the European Union. PEGASUS universities now train most of the 2,000 graduate engineers coming out into the aerospace field.

Pegasus program

Pegasus program goals are:

  • to enable firms to better know and appreciate the quality of the training given in countries other than their own through issue of the Pegasus certificate that guarantees the high level of training followed,
  • to assimilate into training the European dimension and their recognition of international experience by conferring a Pegasus award to students who spent at least 5 months abroad within the framework of their university curriculum.

For further information: visit the Pegasus program web-site