Living in France and in Toulouse

Access to practical information on : seasons, living in Toulouse and transport.

The seasons


In France, the climate is rather mild even if winters are sometimes harsh or summers very muggy... Your wardrobe must include clothes from big sweaters to small teeshirts !

In France, the temperature is given in Celsius degrees (°C).

  • 1 Farenheit degree = ((9xC°)/5) + 32
  • 1 Celsius degree = ((F°-32)X5)/9
    For example : 0°C = 32°F and 20°C = 68°F

In general, French climate is temperate with differencies depending on the regions. Average temperatures are between 0°C and 8°C during winter and between 16°C and 24°C during summer.


Due to its position at the intersection of the oceanic and Mediterranean influences, Toulouse has a temperate and soft climate during Automn and Spring whereas Summers are rather warm and dry.The rainiest months are April, May and June. Minimum temperatures are in January with an average of 5°C, and the maximum temperatures are in August more than 30°C.

Living in Toulouse

Toulouse tourist office website :


For more information about timetable and prices of transport (bus and subway) in Toulouse, visit the Tisséo website :

Provisional budget

To estimate your budget, visit the Toulouse University website