Welcome to Toulouse and to ISAE !

Toulouse : an university town and the european capital of aeronautics and space.

Welcome to Toulouse!

European capital of aeronautics and space

Toulouse, the 4th largest city in France and the capital of the large Midi-Pyrénées region, is located between the Mediterranean Seaand the Atlantic Ocean, about 100 km from the Pyrenean mountains and730 km from Paris. With over 700 000 inhabitants, Toulouse is continuing to grow.

A dynamic city, known as the “pink city” because of the pinky colourof its bricks, Toulouse is renowned for its excellence in the fields ofaeronautics, space, electronics, information technology, biotechnology,health and food processing, all of which contribute to make Toulouseand its region highly competitive.

Toulouse is an important university town, with over 110 000 studentsat its 3 universities and 14 « Grandes Ecoles », thus providing choiceand recruitment opportunities for employers.

Toulouse and its region are also rich in history and culture, with alarge choice of museums, theatres, circus, cultural events andproductions.

Some figures
  • 4th city in France after Paris, Marseille and Lyon
  • No. 1 in Europe in the field of aeronautics and No. 2 in the world
  • No. 1 in Europe in space technology
  • No. 1 in France for embedded systems
  • More than 30,000 people work in 600 establishments associated with Aerospace sector
  • 2nd university town in France
  • 10 500 people employed in over 400 research centres

Welcome to the ISAE!

The ISAE is a key player in higher education and research for aerospace engineering in Europe.

Leading aerospace training and research centre, the ISAE offers two general high-level multi-discipline scientific and technological master of science level programs: the SUPAERO and ENSICA graduate programs.

The Institute also provides specialized courses such as advanced masters programs. Some courses specialise in scientific subjects, while others provide top-level teaching in management, administration and business. The ISAE also collaborates with other “Grandes Ecoles” to maximise the excellence of the courses.

The ISAE has developed close links with industries and research laboratories, in order to privilege the scientific research carried out in the ISAE laboratories (in particular with the ONERA), and to favour the synergy between teaching and research.  The Institute is certified to grant Université de Toulouse PhD (Docteur de l’Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace).

The challenge of international development will be a major priority over the coming years. The ISAE co-operates with many prestigious higher education institutes in Europe, the USA, Canada and China. Indeed, ISAE students can benefit from various opportunities to study abroad, and the ISAE itself welcomes many foreign students on the Engineering, Master of science and Doctorate degree courses and on continuing education programs.

Widely open to international partnerships, the ISAE also belongs to several networks trough GEA (Groupe des écoles aéronautiques et spatiales),  PEGASUS (Partnership for a European Group of Aeronautic and Space Universities) and, for SUPAERO only, TIME (Top industrial managers for Europe).

Locally, the ISAE is an important contributor to the competence of the region in the fields of aeronautics and space, and an active participant in the synergies developed with numerous partners, such as institutes, industries and higher educational establishments in France and abroad.